Become Thoroughly Equipped

Defend 3D Less White SpaceThe butterflies in your stomach are fluttering faster than a flock of toucans fleeing an Amazonian hurricane. Your palms drip with sweat as your tongue clings to the roof of your desert-dry mouth. You know what’s coming…and there’s no possible way to avoid this disaster. You have no information on any of the three topics you have drawn—you didn’t have time to research every topic. You have four minutes to sweat, panic, and prepare what will be a halting, rambling, only-3-minute Apologetics speech.


You are sitting in the competitors’ common area, anxiously waiting for the 8 Apologetics finalists to be announced. The tournament director walks in, takes the microphone and, along with 7 others’, calls your name. Your hard work has paid off.

These very different scenarios are often encountered in the world of competitive Apologetics. With 105 topics to cover, Apologetics speakers can feel overwhelmed. The best speakers all have their own system, a system that guides them as they research concepts and write cards—a system that allows them to confidently enter a competition room knowing their preparation has been sufficient.

Far too often, that system must be discovered by trial and (painful) error. Other times, students become “Apologetics workaholics” who won’t stop until they have a pre-written 6-minute speech on every topic. Still others just give up and resign themselves to the dreadful fate of giving sub-par speeches for the rest of their competitive career.

You want to deliver a solid Apologetics speech every time. However, you DON’T want to spend the rest of your life toiling through the mountain of topics that has seemingly been dumped on top of you!

Enter Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics. Thoroughly Equipped is the only Apologetics curriculum that leads you through the process of covering over 85% of the topics by writing a mere 25 cards. This system will prevent you from becoming inundated with the sheer volume of topics. By reorganizing the 105 topics into 25 “concepts”, Thoroughly Equipped reduces your workload tremendously.

But you don’t have to sacrifice specificity for the sake of expediency. Thoroughly Equipped also has one card for each of the 105 official topics, cards where you can place information that is exclusively relevant to a single topic. This not only allows your “concept card” to work for multiple topics but also permits you to tailor your speech to whichever topic you draw.

Apologetics speaking doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. All you need is a system that reorganizes all 105 topics into a manageable list of concepts. All you need is a system that lightens your workload without sacrificing quality in the process. All you need is a system that offers both flexibility and specificity. All you need is to be Thoroughly Equipped.