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How Have You Used “Thoroughly Equipped”?

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I want to hear your story.

I’ve been noticing recently that the “Praise” page on my website needs some updating. I actually created that page right after I began offering the Thoroughly Equipped curriculum to the public, and it hasn’t been updated since—almost 2.5 years later!

The “Praise” page includes endorsements of Thoroughly Equipped from some extraordinary talented Apologetics competitors. However, there is one crucial element the page lacks: testimonials.

Since I haven’t updated the page in over two years, it doesn’t include any stories from those of you who have used Thoroughly Equipped to great effect during the past few competitive seasons. No one (including me) knows about your competitive success!

I’ve received a few unsolicited testimonials about the value of Thoroughly Equipped, like this one:

“My name is Sydney and I purchased your Become Thoroughly Equipped Curriculum last year. I love it – it’s easy to use, well organized, and cuts down SO much of the time I was having to spend preparing Apologetics cards for upcoming tournaments. I have been telling everyone I know about what a great tool it is and directing them to your website.”
Sydney S.

However, I have never solicited testimonials. So I’m going to do that now!

How have you used Thoroughly Equipped? How was it useful in your Apologetics preparation? How did the curriculum enable you to achieve greater competitive success?

Just shoot me an email at and let me know. You might see your story on the “Praise” page too! I’ll pick some of your stories to feature on that page.

I look forward to hearing your story!

Thoroughly Prepared is Back!

Thoroughly Prepared Screenshot

After a rather lengthy hiatus, the Thoroughly Prepared video series has returned! Created with the purpose of launching you into the card-writing process, these videos provide practical advice on how to approach individual concepts. When you watch a Thoroughly Prepared video, you can expect to gain information, sample outlines, resources, applicable verses, and more.

The fifth video in the series is below (parts 1 and 2). These first five videos in this series are free to all—future videos will be exclusively for those who have purchased the Thoroughly Equipped Apologetics curriculum.

If you want to start from the beginning, you can click here to watch the first video in the series. This blog search has the other three Thoroughly Prepared videos as its top results. Enjoy!

Part 1:


Part 2: