Applying Concepts Video Series

Concepts are a powerful way to reduce your workload while understanding each topic more deeply. If you have a proper understanding of concepts, you are well on your way to Apologetics card-writing success. The key is being able to take that knowledge and apply it while you are writing your cards. Practically speaking, how do you take the multiple topics found within a concept and weave them together into one outstanding card?

This video series shows you how to unite the diverse topics within a concept, ensuring that your concept cards deeply and accurately address each of the topics they cover.

These videos are only available to VIC members of—those who have purchased Thoroughly Equipped. If you are among that group, head on over to, log in, and click on the “Video Series—Applying Concepts” link.

Armed with the understanding of how to apply concepts in the card-writing process, you will be more thoroughly equipped than ever before.

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