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Updated Stoa Conceptual Organizational System

Stoa has updated its official Apologetics topics list since last year. There are now 145 topics, any of which you could draw at any time! Now more than ever, an efficient organizational system is absolutely essential.

I’ve updated my Conceptual Organizational System to reflect the changes that Stoa has made. If you have previously purchased Thoroughly Equipped, you can view the update by going to the Downloads section of the VIC area of this website. I have not updated the Master Documents, so download the “Conceptual Organizational System Overview” to see the updates. Just click the “VIC” tab above to get started.

Here’s the really cool part of this update: Despite the addition of 23 new topics, including an entire brand-new category, I was able to add only three more concepts to the system. Now just 28 concept cards cover all 143 topics!

I know that sounds a bit too good to be true. But I promise that the quality of your cards can be just as good using my organizational system. In fact, I believe your quality can skyrocket–you can spend twice as long on each card and still have huge time savings! If you want to know more, click the “Master Apologetics” tab above. Still skeptical? Email me at I reply to every email personally in a timely manner, and I’d love to dialogue with you.

Pre-Season Special!

Where did the summer go?! August is upon us already!

You all know what that means. No, it’s not the beginning of school. It’s the beginning of intense preparation for the speech and debate season! If you want to prepare well, you’re going to want some solid resources. There are speech and debate resources for just about every need you could possibly have. Debate? Check. Platform? Check. Interp? Check. Apologetics curriculum that allows you to master Apologetics by writing only 25 cards? Check!

Normally, Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics costs $69.97. That feels expensive to some people, but they typically understand the price better once I give a short explanation. Here’s how I think about the regular price of Thoroughly Equipped: There are approximately 100 Apologetics topics. If you want to cover them all, that means writing 100 cards. Thoroughly Equipped allows you to master Apologetics by writing only 25 cards. That means there are an additional 75 cards that you do not have to write.

When someone purchases the curriculum, they are spending just under a dollar for every card they do not have to write. At three hours per card, that’s 225 hours saved–almost 10 days of non-stop writing, day and night, no sleep. Ten days of your life are worth $69.97, right?

But you don’t even have to pay full price. Today is the beginning of a pre-season sale on Thoroughly Equipped! From today until Labor Day (September 2nd), you can purchase Thoroughly Equipped at a 15% discount–only $59.97. Plus, everyone who purchases the curriculum during that period will also receive a discount on my upcoming book on Apologetics, Defend, when it releases in the next month or so.

This opportunity is yours for the next two weeks. Tournament season will be here before you know it. Are you equipped?

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Coming Soon! Defend: The Definitive Guide to Mastering Apologetics

Ever since I founded Become Thoroughly Equipped, I’ve wanted to write a book on Apologetics. This is why: There is a gaping hole in the variety of Apologetics resources available. Let me explain.

I used plenty of resources during my years in Apologetics, but one seemed to be missing. That missing resource was an introduction to Apologetics, a resource that would serve as my guide for the event.

Think about it: When you want to learn about a brand new subject area, which books and resources do you search for? First and foremost, you need a general overview of the entire topic area. Only after you have a bird’s-eye view of the topic can you most effectively utilize other resources in their specific places.

Unfortunately, there is a dearth of resources that fulfill this role when it comes to competitive Apologetics. My soon-to-be-released book will fill this void. Next week, I’ll provide more details about the information it will contain.

Black Friday Special!

Since Thoroughly Equipped launched a few short months ago, a lot has happened. On this end, I’ve introduced Thoroughly Prepared and continued to ensure that you’re getting the best content possible. On your end, you’ve been working on Apologetics–researching, writing cards, and possibly even competing.

So if you’re already knee-deep in Apologetics work, what benefit would Thoroughly Equipped be to you? Plenty! When beginning your research, Thoroughly Equipped can help guide your efforts, but it is useful for much more. If you have already started competing, you may have discovered some “holes” in your Apologetics box. You now face the prospect of writing several new cards to fill in those holes. But what if you only had to write one or two cards instead? I created the Conceptual Organizational System because I realized that many of the topics deal with the same central ideas. Your “holes” may only be one hole, and the three cards you need to write may just morph into a single card. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you haven’t started competing, you can take preemptive action to prevent those holes from appearing in the first place. Within the comfort of your home, you can discover and close the holes in your box–much preferable to realizing your unpreparedness in-round.

Thoroughly Equipped is still being sold for its introductory price of $49.97, but you only have until Thanksgiving Day to purchase it for that price. After Thanksgiving Day, the price will increase.

I’ve never been one to go out shopping on Black Friday–there are things that motivate me to get up early, but shopping is not one of them. But in the spirit of the day, I have a special deal for you:

On Black Friday only, you can purchase Thoroughly Equipped for just $39.97.

For a full explanation of the benefits you’ll receive from this purchase, click here. But for now, suffice it to say that just one of the benefits is that you will gain access to an organizational system that allows you to cover the 100+ Apologetics topics by writing only 25 cards! Plus, you get full access to the existing and upcoming videos in the Thoroughly Prepared series.

I guarantee that your purchase will be something for which you can be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Caleb DeLon

Thoroughly Prepared

For some time, I’ve been wanting to give you some more resources specifically dealing with the content of your Apologetics cards. If you own Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics, you already have a great organizational system. I want to give you a head start on content, too. The video embedded below is the first in a series of 25. Each video in the series will give you a quick overview of one of the 25 concepts in my Conceptual Organizational System.

Most of the videos in this series will be exclusively for VICs (Very Important Competitors) — those who have purchased Throughly Equipped. But this one is absolutely free to everyone!


More is Less

Who came up with “less is more”? What kind of a saying is that!? I personally prefer to get more for less.

If you like to get more stuff for less money as well, this is your lucky day! Today is the first day I’m offering a Thoroughly Equipped club discount. Purchases of five or more copies of Thoroughly Equipped receive a 20% discount. That’s a great deal, especially when combined with the special launch price.

To learn more about Thoroughly Equipped, click here.

To learn more about club discounts or to take advantage of this offer, email me at

Curriculum Coming Soon!

On August 1, I will be launching my new Apologetics curriculum, Thoroughly Equipped. The central element is an organizational system that allows you to cover 85% of the 105 topics by only writing 25 cards. You’ll never have to worry about drawing topics you have no information on again!