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Details on Defend

As promised, in this post I will go a little bit deeper into the specific content of my upcoming book, Defend: The Definitive Guide to Mastering Apologetics.

To start off by giving you the big picture, this is the book’s tentative Table of Contents.

Introduction: From Novice to Nationals
Part 1. What and Why
Chapter 1. What is Apologetics?
Chapter 2. Why compete in Apologetics?
Part 2. How
Chapter 3. The Conceptual Organizational System
Chapter 4. Topic Analysis
Chapter 5. Research
Chapter 6. Writing
Chapter 7. Storage and Retrieval
Chapter 8. In the Room
Chapter 9. Delivery

Basically, Defend is an overview of competitive Apologetics. Including both high-level information and nuts-and-bolts practicality, it will be useful to competitors of all ages and levels of experience. Hopefully, it will be especially helpful to students who have never tried Apologetics before and don’t really know where to start. Using from my personal experience, I wrote this guide to mastering Apologetics in order to provide guidance and advice for those interested in Apologetics.

Over the next two weeks, I will be offering more information about the content of each individual chapter, posting every other day. Keep an eye open!

Coming Soon! Defend: The Definitive Guide to Mastering Apologetics

Ever since I founded Become Thoroughly Equipped, I’ve wanted to write a book on Apologetics. This is why: There is a gaping hole in the variety of Apologetics resources available. Let me explain.

I used plenty of resources during my years in Apologetics, but one seemed to be missing. That missing resource was an introduction to Apologetics, a resource that would serve as my guide for the event.

Think about it: When you want to learn about a brand new subject area, which books and resources do you search for? First and foremost, you need a general overview of the entire topic area. Only after you have a bird’s-eye view of the topic can you most effectively utilize other resources in their specific places.

Unfortunately, there is a dearth of resources that fulfill this role when it comes to competitive Apologetics. My soon-to-be-released book will fill this void. Next week, I’ll provide more details about the information it will contain.