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How Can God Be Both Merciful and Just? [Thoroughly Prepared Concept 7]

A new video in the Thoroughly Prepared video series has been released! Created with the purpose of launching you into the card-writing process, these videos provide practical advice on how to approach individual concepts. When you watch a Thoroughly Prepared video, you can expect to gain information, sample outlines, resources, applicable verses, and more.

This is the seventh video in the series, on Justice and Mercy. The first five videos in this series are free to all, but video six and on are exclusively for those who have purchased the Thoroughly Equipped Apologetics curriculum. If you are among that group, head on over to, log in, and click on the “Thoroughly Prepared” link.

If you want to start from the beginning, you can click here to watch the first video in the series. This blog search has the other three Thoroughly Prepared videos as its top results. Enjoy!

Thoroughly Prepared

For some time, I’ve been wanting to give you some more resources specifically dealing with the content of your Apologetics cards. If you own Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics, you already have a great organizational system. I want to give you a head start on content, too. The video embedded below is the first in a series of 25. Each video in the series will give you a quick overview of one of the 25 concepts in my Conceptual Organizational System.

Most of the videos in this series will be exclusively for VICs (Very Important Competitors) — those who have purchased Throughly Equipped. But this one is absolutely free to everyone!