Apologetics Coaching

Unfortunately, students sometimes can’t find a coach who is able to help them as much as they desire. Perhaps the coach has to work, or is just learning about Apologetics. What is needed in that situation is a coach who can come to your house and work with you whenever you want, as long as you want.

If you want to fly me in to wherever you live, contact me. However, I recommend the next best thing: the wonderful world of Skype.

I will walk you through whichever schedule you desire. You get access to my Apologetics expertise, from theological questions to box organization.

To begin the process of setting an appointment, fill out the form below or email me at:


Debate Coaching

I specialize in helping introduce novices to the wonderful world of Lincoln-Douglas debate. I competed in LD for five years, so I have just a tad of experience. I placed 3rd at the 2012 NCFCA Region VII National Qualifying Tournament and am the two-time NCFCA Region VII Lincoln-Douglas Debate Speaking Champion. I cover everything from the very basics to intermediate/advanced material.

To begin the process of setting an appointment, email me at

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