Defend 3D Less White SpaceMy book, Defend: The Handbook of Competitive Apologetics, is now available! Defend retails on Amazon for $18.95, but on this website you can purchase Defend for just $16.95. You will also have instant access to a fully downloadable ebook format!


During my five years of speech and debate competition, I learned a lot about Apologetics. I’ve shared much of that knowledge through blog posts on this website or other means, but I recently decided that it was time to compile the essence of my advice on Apologetics and publish a book. The fruit of that decision is Defend: The Handbook of Competitive Apologetics, now being printed!

I used plenty of resources during my years in Apologetics, but one seemed to be missing. That missing resource was an introduction to Apologetics, a resource that would serve as my guide for the event. Think about it: When you want to learn about a brand new subject area, which books and resources do you search for? First and foremost, you need a general overview of the entire topic area. Only after you have a bird’s-eye view of the topic can you most effectively utilize other resources in their specific places. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of resources that fulfill this role when it comes to competitive Apologetics. Defend fills this void. Below, you can see what some competitors, parents, and coaches have to say about Defend.

Here’s a basic table of contents, just so you can get a taste of what the book contains.

Part 1: What?
Chapter 1: Apologetics From 30,000 Feet
Chapter 2: Apologetics On the Ground
Part 2: Why?
Chapter 3: What’s In It For Me?
Part 3: How?
Chapter 4: Twenty-Five
Chapter 5: Definitions, Questions, and Statements
Chapter 6: Books, Websites, and Verses
Chapter 7: Putting It All Together
Chapter 8: Oh Where, Oh Where Did I Put That Card?
Chapter 9: Best Behavior
Chapter 10: Showtime

If you want to be thoroughly equipped to defend the faith, purchase Defend now for only $16.95!


Some competitors, parents, and coaches have endorsed Defend. Here’s what they have to say!

“Defend offers clear, insightful advice for how to approach competitive Apologetics efficiently and effectively. Caleb succeeds in engaging readers through a likeable, clear writing style, making this handbook an easy read. Defend promises useful tips on how to compete in Apologetics, and Caleb delivers by providing practical and intelligent content. Defend is a solid introduction to the basics of Apologetics, but it takes readers beyond a firm foundation by providing numerous advanced strategies for building a well-crafted Apologetics arsenal. Highly recommended.”
Connor Headrick
Two-time Apologetics National Finalist

“Defend is a quick read that will provide a crash course in competitive Apologetics even for those who have never heard of speech and debate before. Filled with personal lessons from the author’s competitions, this book will provide great insights for advancing one’s skill or studying Apologetics for one’s personal learning.”
Chris Bogstad
Youth pastor, The Bible Church of Little Rock

“Apologetics competitions remind me of law school…everyone is intelligent and motivated. Many cram all nights for tests, while some just try to wing it. However, a precious few truly excel. Those who can index an enormous amount of information, weave it together and present it persuasively are those who really succeed at either. Defend gives you everything you need to be one of those truly prepared to give an answer for our mutual hope.”
David B. Peel
Attorney at law, debate coach, Apologetics speaker

“In his book Defend, Caleb DeLon expertly summarizes and condenses the important speech event of Apologetics into a set of easy-to-understand principles and ideas that will not only equip the beginning speaker with a firm grasp of the purpose and process of Apologetics speaking, but will also remind the experienced Apologist as to the true focus of the speech: a grounded and logical defense of the faith. Defend is a great resource, for novices and veterans alike, and is recommended for all those who seek to not just perform better in competition, but to learn the importance of successfully and practically defending the Christian faith.”
Isaac Sommers
National-level Apologist and debater

“In his book, Defend: The Handbook of Competitive Apologetics, Caleb DeLon clearly presents the path to understanding competitive Apologetics. From defining what Apologetics is and is not through giving tips on research, organizational skills in preparing cards, and instructions and demonstrations on giving speeches, he writes and exhibits how to understand and progress through the Apologetic Categories and individual topic questions. Whether someone is brand new to the competition or has had some experience, this book will be an excellent resource for those wanting to improve their comprehension and competitive abilities in Apologetics.”
Dawn Kaercher
Speech and debate “Mom”

“Caleb DeLon has really done an incredible job of recording his valuable insights into this helpful book. The comprehensive scope as well as detailed analysis will provide you with the training you need to approach this valuable skill correctly. He graciously gives examples throughout the work and even supplies useful appendixes for further study. What you will find in Caleb’s Defend: The Handbook of Competitive Apologetics is a must for any serious competitor in Apologetics.”
Zack Seals
Stoa NITOC Mars Hill Champion
4th place Stoa NITOC Apologetics Champion

“If the thought of Apologetics still makes you nervous, read this book. I have never felt more equipped and empowered to clearly articulate the Gospel than I do after hearing Caleb’s concise and readable advice on Apologetics. An experienced speaker and talented writer, he masterfully covers everything from why we participate to how you can become successful even without having a speech written for every single question, making it perfect for beginners or advanced speakers. In the world of high school speech and beyond, this book is a must-have for anyone that wants to truly be ready to defend their faith in a cogent and powerful way.”
McKenzie Cromer
National-level Apologist and debater