Evidence Unseen: Well-Argued Apologetics Articles

I had my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday, and I’m not really in the mood for writing an entire article.

So I’m going to cheat.

I’m going to point you to another website with some amazing articles.

And hopefully you won’t be too mad at me.

Evidence Unseen is a website I recently stumbled across. The first article I read was, “Is Hell Divine Overkill?“, which impressively covered many common objections to the doctrine of hell (including ones I’ve wondered about myself). From there I scanned several other articles. Consistently, I was struck by the tight logic and reasoned discourse that characterized each post.

Many of the Apologetics articles on Evidence Unseen relate directly to an NCFCA/Stoa topic. Others can be applied. Overall, I believe this is a valuable resource to add to your Apologetics arsenal.

However, I would encourage you to exercise caution with other sections of the website. I disagree with several of the views presented in the Theology articles section (which is separate from the Apologetics articles section). Now, these differences of perspective are all on secondary issues, so I feel I can still recommend the Apologetics section for its usefulness. Yet I do believe some of the Theology articles are misleading.

With that disclaimer, stick to the Apologetics section, and you should learn a lot from Evidence Unseen!