It’s Not Impromptu Apologetics

Alien research lab by Paul Albertella, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by Paul Albertella 


This past Thursday was the first meeting of the year for the speech and debate club that I co-coach. We had a great time getting to know one another and laying the foundation for a solid year of competition. The group of students competing in Apologetics are excited and ready to begin their preparation for tournament season, which will be here before we know it. These next few weeks will be full of writing cards–a unique feature of Apologetics. See, in the other Limited Preparation events (Impromptu and Extemporaneous), you have no idea what you will end up speaking on when you enter the room. Only in Apologetics do you receive an exhaustive list of topics that you can research extensively. Here’s how I explained this idea in Defend:

“When it was first introduced in the NCFCA, Apologetics was called ‘Impromptu Apologetics’. It was a wild card event back in 2004. Its first year, Impromptu Apologetics was such a success that it was changed from a wild card category into a regular category. The event’s name was changed to Apologetics—the ‘Impromptu’ part was dropped—and it became a permanent event. Mrs. Teresa Hudson, the president of the NCFCA, says, ‘Apologetics is no longer Impromptu Apologetics for a reason.’ By that, she is saying that Apologetics is not an Impromptu speech—you actually get to prepare your material beforehand.”

While it is a Limited Preparation event, the preparation for Apologetics can be much less “limited” than for Impromptu and Extemporaneous. You have a list of all of the topics. Now the only question is, “How can I research all of them?” You can try to research each one individually, spending hours upon hours preparing 100 different 6-minute speeches. Or, you can invest in a system that allows you to cover the 100 topics by writing cards on the 25 key concepts that encapsulate them all. If you’re interested in saving time in Apologetics preparation without sacrificing the quality of the end result, click here to learn more about Thoroughly Equipped.