Master Apologetics by Writing Only 25 Cards!

Thoroughly Equipped: The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics is the only Apologetics curriculum that allows you to Master Apologetics By Writing Only 25 Cards.

The centerpiece of the curriculum is the Conceptual Organizational System, which rearranges the 100+ official topics into 25 “concepts”. By writing these 25 concept cards, you will cover virtually all of the topics. But you don’t have to sacrifice specificity for expedience—inherent in this system are cards for each of the individual topics. Add details such as definitions, verses, and quotes to these cards in order to tailor your presentation to an individual topic.

There are twelve elements in this curriculum, all created to increase your confidence and proficiency in Apologetics… and ALL backed by my 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

1. Apologetics Information — The official league rules, topics, ballots, and judge worksheet. Every competitor should read these.
2. Conceptual Organizational System Overview — A list of the official topics reorganized using my Conceptual Organizational System.
3. Conceptual Organizational System Master Document — A word document using my system that you can write your cards directly into. This will keep you organized and makes printing much easier. Once filled out, the cards can be printed and placed directly into an Apologetics box, no further organization necessary. Watch the video below to see how the Conceptual Organizational System will allow you to Master Apologetics by Writing Only 25 Cards.
4. Conceptual Organizational System Schedules — Multiple schedules to guide you through the process of writing cards in however long or short a time you desire.
5. Progress Tracker — A way to mark your progress through the card-writing process.
6. Verbiage Imperative to and Efficacious for Discussing Theology: Big Theological Words You Need to Know — A glossary of the theological words you will need to know and understand to be able to compete effectively.
7. One Free Hour of Coaching — One free hour of my Apologetics coaching. You can use this to help get started, for help on a particular concept, or any other way you wish.
8. X Marks the Spot: 20 Treasure Chests of Information — Sometimes the hardest part of Apologetics is knowing where to research. This document contains sources that I use when writing cards.
9. Theology for 1st Graders: 36 Creeds that Explain Complex Concepts In Simple Ways — My church uses these creeds with 1st – 6th graders to explain the basic doctrines of the faith. You can base entire cards on these creeds or use them to help explain a difficult concept.
10. A Special Preview of Defend — I’ll be coming out with my first book, Defend, in 2013. When you purchase Thoroughly Equipped, you gain access to a preview of the first chapter.
11. Access to the “VIC” Section of My Website — Up at the top of this page is a tab labeled “VIC”. That’s the Very Important Competitor section of this website. It contains bonus instructional videos, the preview of my book, and more.
12. BONUS — Cheaper by the Dozen: 12 Outlines for Successful Impromptu Speaking — Every Apologetics competitor should be able to speak comfortably on his or her feet. Impromptu speaking is great for experience in learning how to improvise and speak coherently on the fly. These 12 outlines can be used while practicing Impromptu to help break down any topic into three areas of analysis.

12 elements — 1 goal. That goal is giving you the tools you need to grow in your knowledge, speaking ability, and confidence. Thoroughly Equipped is completely digital–the instant you purchase it you will be redirected to a page with the VIC password and other pertinent information, including instructions on how to download the curriculum. This means that you don’t have to wait 4-6 years…I mean weeks…for delivery! You can start as soon as you want.

And it doesn’t matter whether you compete in the NCFCA, Stoa, or both: Thoroughly Equipped has both an NCFCA edition and a Stoa edition! You can use the “Buy Now” button below for either edition — just download whichever edition you need once you get to the “Downloads” page.

Video: The Conceptual Organizational System – How To Master Apologetics By Writing Only 25 Cards

(I recommend that you view this in Full Screen mode)

When you purchase this curriculum, it comes with a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this curriculum, you can return it for a full refund. Plus, I guarantee that if you use this curriculum correctly, you will never find yourself in the predicament of having no information for any of the topics you draw in an Apologetics round. I guarantee you will be Thoroughly Equipped.

You can become Thoroughly Equipped for only $69.97!

Club volume discounts available — email for more information.

Please Note: You are purchasing a digital product that must be downloaded. NO physical product will be shipped.

Also: One family with multiple students may share a single copy of Thoroughly Equipped. However, inter-family use is not permitted. If you are interested in using Thoroughly Equipped with a group or club, email for information on club discounts.



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