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Tournament season is in full swing—in fact, the Apologists in my club are at a tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana right now. As you have been participating in various tournaments and experiencing the amazing privilege of giving Apologetics speeches, you may have found some holes in your card box. (The first solution is to get Thoroughly Equipped. If you have that taken care of, keep reading. If not, go check it out.)

Quite possibly, those holes are on some of the more obscure Apologetics topics:

  • How does a Christian account for natural disasters?
  • Analyze and respond to the statement, “The gospels were simply a collaborative effort of the church written after the time of Christ.” –Anonymous
  • Analyze and respond to the statement, “Religion is as much a living spring of violence today as it was at any time in the past.” –Sam Harris

In my judgment, having just looked over a list of the topics, those are some of the more difficult ones. Most anyone can speak on the justice of God, the deity of Christ, and the question “How can a man know God?” However, it takes a truly skilled and studied Apologist to be able to handle these sorts of topics.

But how are you supposed to fill those holes in the middle of tournament season?!? It’s not as though you have unlimited free time. Your persuasive needs adjusting, your interp requires more blocking, your impromptu skills are still a bit rough, your debate case is in need of revision—and then your mom still expects you to do school! How are you supposed to find the time to research and write more Apologetics cards?


If you want to get a head start on a question, chances are has what you need. GotQuestions is a Bible answers website that was founded by S. Michael Houdmann. The website is almost 13 years old now and contains the answers to over 4,200 Bible questions. I’ve checked out their Statement of Faith and how they present the gospel, and both are solid. GotQuestions stands well within the bounds of Christian orthodoxy, and maintains a theologically conservative position on the hot-button issues of today. I am able to agree with virtually everything I read on the website, and the areas of disagreement are all fairly insignificant. So, you can trust that you will find Biblical answers on

As an example of how GotQuestions can aid you in writing Apologetics cards, let’s just take those 3 questions above and see if can help us out. (I haven’t even checked it out yet, so this will be fun for me too!)

  • How does a Christian account for natural disasters?
    • Search query: “natural disasters”
    • Here’s the article. This is my quick summary: God is totally able to prevent natural disasters, but in some circumstances he does not. Sometimes they are a judgment upon sin, but not always. God also lets the earth suffer the consequences of sin, including natural disasters. We don’t totally understand why God permits natural disasters to occur, but we do know that he is good and that he has good intentions behind every natural disaster.
    • See? That’s pretty good stuff! You can take that and work it into the outline of an Apologetics speech. Go look at the verses on the article, find some additional verses and support, and you’re well on your way to a great speech!
  • Analyze and respond to the statement, “The gospels were simply a collaborative effort of the church written after the time of Christ.” –Anonymous
    • That one took a little bit more searching. The query “how did the church get the gospels” didn’t work, but “when were the gospels written” got me the result I was looking for.
    • Here’s the article. According to the article, different scholars have varying opinions on how soon after the time of Christ the gospels were written. Much of the variance springs from the theological presuppositions that are applied to the facts. All of the gospels were likely written within 30 years of Christ’s death, making significant corruption of the oral traditions highly unlikely. In the end, Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would safeguard the writing of the gospels, so no matter whether they were written 10 years or 130 years later, they are still the word of God.
  • Analyze and respond to the statement, “Religion is as much a living spring of violence today as it was at any time in the past.” –Sam Harris
    • I started with the query “Christianity causes violence,” but before I even finished typing it offered me the article!
    • Here’s the article. It says that there have been many “religious” wars throughout history: the Crusades, the Thirty Years’ War, Islamic jihad, and more. Religion has been a cause of these wars, but never the primary cause. The wars of the 20th century were largely caused by ideology: Nazism, Communism (an atheistic ideology), and more. But in the end, neither religion nor ideology is the main cause of war. James gives us the answer: “What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from your desires that battle within you?” (James 4:1). Sin, not religion, is a “living spring of violence.”

That’s only a sampling of the incredible assistance that GotQuestions can provide a budding Apologist. The next time you find a hole in your Apologetics card box, let GotQuestions help you out.

We’ve seen just three of the 4,200+ articles on—go find some more!