The Power of Concepts

At the core of the Conceptual Organizational System is the idea of “concepts.” Ideas are interrelated, and some are so interrelated that they just belong together. The 100+ topics of the NCFCA and Stoa are not 100+ concepts—rather, these topics belong to a mere 25 concepts. By writing 25 cards—one for each concept—you can cover the vast majority of topics with much less effort. Moreover, the quality of your speeches can also increase: isn’t knowing 25 concepts extremely well better than barely grasping 100 different topics?

The trick is applying this idea of “concepts” while you are actually writing your cards. How do you make one card work for multiple topics? As one practical starting point, you can watch the video on this page. Also, I created a three-part video series where I deliver three speeches on three different topics using the same concept card. You can click the links below to watch each video in the series:

Absolute Truth:

Also, I am soon going to make a video series that will be available only to VIC members—those who have purchased Thoroughly Equipped. In that video series, I will go through each of the 25 concepts and explain how I would work the topics together into one concept card. If you want to see that series, purchase Thoroughly Equipped—it will be worth every penny.

When you understand how to apply them, concepts are a powerful tool!

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