This Student Competes in Seven Events. See How He Saves Time, Stays Sane, and Still Has a Life

How do you find time to prepare for seven speech and debate events?

A combination of raw skill, hard work, and a super effective system.

Meet Conor McNamara. He’s a 16-year-old sophomore in his second year of speech and debate. Conor competed in Apologetics last year without breaking, and this year he went into overdrive. He decided to participate in seven events: “I compete in Mars Hill Impromptu, Apologetics, Dramatic Interpretation, Open Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Monologue, and Original Oratory. And Lincoln-Douglas values debate.”

Because Conor had so many speeches to write, his mom Jaree knew that she had to find an Apologetics solution that was both effective and time-saving. She says, “[Conor] had so many things to prepare in a short amount of time…. I needed to be able to give him something that would give him the opportunity to be completely prepared, but at the same time maximize his time. He only had three months, to get ready in 8 events, before school started.”

Thoroughly Equipped was exactly what Jaree had been searching for: comprehensive, simple, and manageable. “[The curriculum was] really very user-friendly. It was very easy to follow the system. It was put into chunks that were doable rather than becoming overwhelming.”

Using one of the card-writing schedules included with the curriculum, Conor set himself a writing schedule and got to work. His results were impressive: “I was able to get pretty much all of my cards done (except for category 6) by the time that I rolled around to the first tournament.”

Immediately, Conor noticed a difference in his speaking ability and performance: “At the first tournament I didn’t break, but I was able to get a checkmark—which was the best that I had ever done. So the system really did work for me.”

But Conor’s success did not stop there: “At the very next tournament, the Arkansas tournament, I was able to break to Finals in Apologetics for the very first time. It was a really great feeling.” Conor attributes his Apologetics success partly to Thoroughly Equipped: “Honestly, I wouldn’t have even been able to qualify probably without the system.” Jaree echoes: “That’s absolutely true.”

Juggling seven events, Conor is grateful for the time he saved in Apologetics by using the system. He would recommend Thoroughly Equipped to any student, because it is a way to prepare “a good response for each one of the questions without actually having to go in and have to sit down and write every single question. It’s very efficient and very effective.”

Whether you’re an NCFCA wanna-be Marathoner or hope to win the Stoa Founder’s Award, you need a time-saving system.

Check out Thoroughly Equipped. It’s the only Apologetics curriculum that empowers you to master Apologetics—by writing just 25 cards.