Updated Stoa Conceptual Organizational System

Stoa has updated its official Apologetics topics list since last year. There are now 145 topics, any of which you could draw at any time! Now more than ever, an efficient organizational system is absolutely essential.

I’ve updated my Conceptual Organizational System to reflect the changes that Stoa has made. If you have previously purchased Thoroughly Equipped, you can view the update by going to the Downloads section of the VIC area of this website. I have not updated the Master Documents, so download the “Conceptual Organizational System Overview” to see the updates. Just click the “VIC” tab above to get started.

Here’s the really cool part of this update: Despite the addition of 23 new topics, including an entire brand-new category, I was able to add only three more concepts to the system. Now just 28 concept cards cover all 143 topics!

I know that sounds a bit too good to be true. But I promise that the quality of your cards can be just as good using my organizational system. In fact, I believe your quality can skyrocket–you can spend twice as long on each card and still have huge time savings! If you want to know more, click the “Master Apologetics” tab above. Still skeptical? Email me at BecomeThoroughlyEquipped@gmail.com. I reply to every email personally in a timely manner, and I’d love to dialogue with you.

3 thoughts on “Updated Stoa Conceptual Organizational System

  1. Emily McPhie

    Hi Caleb,

    I’ve really enjoyed your book and your videos! Thanks so much.

    I’m about to compete in Apologetics for the first time, and I was wondering, are you going to update your master document anytime soon? If so, that’s awesome, but if not, that’s fine too. The only reason I ask is because if you are, I don’t want to spend time trying to do in myself 🙂

    Thanks again,

  2. Caleb DeLon Post author


    You’re very welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed them.

    I am not currently planning on updating the master document in the next few months. I may end up doing it before next competitive season, but not in the near future.


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